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Blue Cypress Kennels

Built With Passion

Like no other kennel in America, Blue Cypress sits at the heart of a 7,000 acre wildlife and dog training paradise. With our habitat professionally managed by national experts, the beauty and available game hunting opportunities that surround our kennels is unrivaled. From our duck ponds to dove fields and quail courses to pheasant walkup fields and tower shoots, no one can match the diversity of hunting scenarios that our dogs see every year without ever having to leave the property. From September until early March our dogs literally see more birds in one season than most dogs see in a lifetime.

Blue Cypress Kennels

Training for competitions

When our dogs aren’t hunting, they are training for competitions. These same grounds, along with our satellite facilities in other states, provide the perfect locations to hone their considerable skills to compete at the highest levels of both British field trials and American hunt tests.  Whether we need to replicate a driven pheasant shoot for a British field trial or practice swim-by drills on a technical pond for an American hunt test, we make sure our dogs have everything they need to be successful.

And when our dogs are done for the day, they can rest easy in our world-class kennel facilities. Staff live onsite to supervise our dogs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so they have the best care available anywhere.

Proven Performance ®

If you are looking for more than just a promise of an exceptional British Labrador, come see the difference that Proven Performance® makes. Blue Cypress Kennels.
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