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Our Trainers

head dog trainer

Kris bolan

Kris started to learn about Retrievers as a young adult and hunting water fowl. He dove into learning everything he could about training dogs and quickly entered the hunt test world. When Kris married Dawn they worked together to train their own dogs, as well as help others with their dogs. In 2010, they decided to make it official and started their own training and breeding business. Kris quickly learned the value of a well-bred dog and has worked diligently to find and create strong hunting lines, leading him to the training style and the breeding pedigrees that originate from the UK and Ireland. His training style has evolved and changed over the years, giving him a number training options to help tailor each training experience to the needs of each dog, while maintaining the natural instincts of the dog to perform. Kris is fully dedicated to the retriever training process from the selection of the breeding pair to the day that each dog retires.
assistant to the dog trainer

dawn bolan

Dawn has always had a love for animals, but watching and helping her dad train his hunting dogs gave her an opportunity to take that standard bond with the dogs to bonding through learning.
Her strengths are the early training process, from whelp through obedience. Her focus is capitalizing on the early brain development by creating experiences for the puppies that stimulate their brains and natural abilities, while laying a solid foundation of a well behaved four legged family member and hunting partner for the forever homes of the puppies and dogs that she works with. When it comes to obedience training, her consistency in her expectations and the patience she applies, makes the communication of new concepts easier for the dog to understand, while creating a healthy balance of friendship and human leadership. Whether a puppy is 8 weeks or 8 years old, Dawn’s focus is to maximize the training experiences of each dog by providing them with the foundations they need to be successful in whatever life offers them.

Hunt Manager

Daryl Thomas

Daryl Thomas Sr. has been training and handling all sporting dog breeds professionally for over 30 years. During this time he has countless dogs that have went on to be top contenders and winners in all types of competition settings. Daryl has over 300 placements including numerous dog of the year and handler of the year awards. His patience, hard work, and ability to train each dog differently based on their personality, certainly sets him aside from others.

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